Sen. Robertson, MDOT announce $4.9M in road repair projects

LANSING—Sen. Dave Robertson and Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) officials announced on Thursday nearly $4.9 million in road repair projects in Oakland and Genesee counties.

“These road projects are great news for Southeast Michigan families and all Michigan drivers who deserve safe and solid roads and bridges,” said Robertson, R-Grand Blanc Township. “While the safety of drivers and their passengers is the most important reason for improving our roads, it is also about supporting local businesses and attracting new job providers.

“Quality transportation infrastructure that is vital to completing in the global economy increasingly dependent on the efficient transportation of goods. So this is really about improving driver safety and the local economy all at the same time.”

The transportation projects are being funded by grants from MDOT through the $115 million state Roads and Risk Reserve Fund. Robertson said the four projects (one entirely in the 26th District and three shared with neighboring districts) are a total investment of $4,875,000.

“I am proud that we are able to make this important investment by maximizing our existing resources,” Robertson said. “Funding these projects is a result of hard work during the last three years to improve state efficiency and ensure we use taxpayer dollars wisely and effectively.”

The projects in the 26th District include:
• $650,000 to rehabilitate the Bristol Road bridge over Kearsley Creek;
• $725,000 to rehabilitate the Atlas Road bridge over Kearsley Creek;
• $3 million for repairs on M-59 from Elizabeth Lake Road to State Street; and
• $500,000 for work on Holcomb Road from Davisburg to Miller.

“I want to thank everyone who helped make possible this much-needed investment in our community,” Robertson said. “I look forward to seeing them completed and will remain focused on ensuring we continue addressing our road safety and infrastructure needs.”