Election finance reforms signed into law

LANSING — Michigan has new laws on the books to help increase accountability in Michigan’s elections since a package of bills was recently signed into law, said Sen. Dave Robertson, primary sponsor of the package.

“Our country was founded on democratic principles, and these new laws will help protect the sanctity of our elections process,” said Robertson, R-Grand Blanc Township. “I’m glad to see these bills become law.”

The new laws will:

  • Streamline the voter registration process;
  • Increase penalties for inaccurate or missing campaign finance statements;
  • Ensure proper handling of election materials;
  • Require the secretary of state to post the most recent ballot petition language online; and
  • Establish a misdemeanor if an individual solicits or receives compensation to support or oppose a candidate, political committee or political party.

“These new laws will help close the loopholes that previously existed in state law,” said Robertson, chair of the Senate Local Government and Elections Committee. “We can all cast our ballots this coming November with more assurance that our elections are fair and democratic. I’m proud to have sponsored four of these important measures.”

Senate Bills 751, 752, 753, 823, 824 and 825 are now Public Acts 270, 272, 274, 276, 277 and 278 of 2012 respectively.